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Steril-Aire Distributor

Steril-Aire Distributor

J & R Refrigeration and Electrical are Steril-Aire distributors providing the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of UVC systems. These systems can reduce and control mould as well as kill airborne bacteria and viruses.  

About Steril-aire

Steril-Aire emitters are used in over 70 countries for IAQ / Air conditioning energy saving and other benefits. Founded in 1994 after a decade of intensive research and development, Steril-Aire launched an industry with its multi-patented UVC Emitters that are systems engineered specifically for the cold, moving air of an HVAC system. Today, Steril-Aire remains the unrivalled leader in IAQ improvement in commercial and residential heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

How does Steril-Aire Create Energy savings?

By keeping the cooling coils free of bio-film, heat transfer efficiency is at its optimum and the air conditioning plant will perform as designed. Better efficiency at the cooling coils means that the occupied space temperature and humidity are achieved faster reducing the chiller or compressor run times

Benefits of a UVC Kit