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Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems

J & R Refrigeration and Electrical works closely with the local supplier of the Innotech OMNI controls and Building Management Systems. We design, install and maintain the systems. At J & R we can incorporate them into new or existing building air conditioning systems to lighting.

Features of the Omni systems

Why choose Omni

Omni is equipped with an Innotech-designed, industry-first microchip (Programmable Point) that is independently programmable as any type of Input or Output.

This is one of the most significant savings for Innotech clients and why Omni is so competitive. Omni’s Programmable Points allow every point on the controller to be used as any type of Input or Output, meaning you can use every point on the controller without waste, reducing costs by decreasing the number of controllers required on a project. Innotech clients will never have an issue of needing 1 extra Sensor Input, but having 4 spare Digital Outputs, which is a common problem with regular BEMS hardware.

Omni allows a programmer to create custom sensors and save them to their Focus library. They can then re-use these on future projects and share them with the rest of the Innotech community. As every Omni point is identical, this creates uniformity and simplicity for commissioning and ongoing service, maintenance and support.