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Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration Units

At J & R Refrigeration and Electrical, we take pride in offering a wide array of refrigeration units to cater to diverse needs and applications. With a commitment to quality, energy efficiency, and reliability, we source our units from trusted local suppliers and also design and manufacture units as per specific requirements. Our range encompasses various types of refrigeration units, from low-temperature freezers to high-temperature, high-humidity applications. Moreover, we specialize in the design and installation of cool and freezer rooms, catering to commercial, marine, and industrial sectors.

Ripening Cold Rooms

Cold storage and ripening chambers are systems that are used to control the ripening process of produce. Cold storage refers to holding produce in cold, temperature controlled rooms after being harvested and before being delivered to grocery stores.

Refrigerated Storage

Refrigerated storage rooms are great for items that need to be stored at hot, warm, cool, or cold temperatures for a long duration of time, making these extremely versatile for just about any of your climate-control needs. They can also store or transport anything from hazardous chemicals to fresh meat and produce.

Display Cabinets

Refrigerated display cabinets are used to maintain foodstuffs and drinks at chilled and frozen temperatures.

Custom Built Butcher’s Cold Plates

Cold plates are a type of display fridge that is mostly used in butcher shops, seafood stores, ice creameries and continental delicatessens. The word coldplate describes the refrigeration evaporator, this type of evaporator is very simple and has no evaporator fans.

Refrigerated Proprietary Displays

A refrigerated proprietary display unit is intended for displaying and preserving aperitifs, salads, sandwiches, desserts and drinks at a cool temperature. Food items such as poultry, fish, cake and dairy products can also be kept in these cases.

Refrigerated Drinking Water Fountains

Refrigerated drinking water fountains are perfect for schools, hospitals, hotels, parks, gyms, health clubs and many more places offering a filtered drinking fountain is a must in any location.

Storage Cabinets

A storage cabinet cooled by a refrigerating system is used for storing chilled/frozen food to be maintained within prescribed temperature limits.

Cold Rooms

A cold room is a type of insulated, refrigerated space that is designed to maintain a set temperature. They're used in professional kitchens to store food, as they can hold a lot of stock and vary in size from a small walk-in room to a larger warehouse.

Ice Makers

Ice makers harvest ice with alternating freezing and harvesting periods and can be used in a variety of applications, but are generally used to generate ice for use in beverages.

Refrigerated Heating Equipment

Refrigeration heating equipment enables humidity control and reduces mould they offer specific humidity control for specialised products and spaces. 

High Humidity Produce Cold Rooms

Our high-humidity cold rooms raise the relative humidity and inhibit moisture loss. The right humidity level ensures that product quality is maintained.

Refrigerated Drying Equipment

Refrigerated dryers are the most commonly used air dryers in the manufacturing and service industries. Offering specific humidity and temperature control systems while also being energy efficient.

Freezer Rooms

Freezer rooms are designed for the storage of perishable goods at low temperatures. These rooms are typically used by businesses that need to store large quantities of frozen or refrigerated food items, such as restaurants and food processing plants.

Industrial Water Chillers

Industrial water chillers are used for providing cooling water in a wide range of applications. From resistance welding machinery to metal forming, from chemical & pharmaceutical to medical and lasers. Water chillers are also used in food & beverage applications like wineries and breweries.

Natural Refrigerants

Natural refrigerants are used in the processing and preservation of food and beverages. Most natural refrigerants are flammable and have design constraints in Queensland and will need to be adhered to.